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Get started with Quotes

Get a tour of Quotes and find out how to accomplish common tasks

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What can I do here?

  • Create a Quote for the proposed work

  • Set Price Rules for bulk discounts

  • Send the Quote to your Customer

  • Review the status of existing Quotes

  • Convert successful Quotes into Sales Orders.


When the customer accepts the Quote, you may convert it to a sales order. If the customer does not get back to you in time, the Quote automatically expires. You can edit a Quote or a Sales Order whenever you like. Each Quote has two modes: Lead Time mode and Due Date mode.

To learn more, see the Quotes help collection.

Creating a Quote

1) Click on the ‘Quotes’ in the side-bar.

2) Click on ‘Create Quote’ button.

3) Begin with entering a quote number if you want to modify the pre-filled quote number.

4) Add company from the “Company” drop down if it is not an existing company on your list. You may add their contact, address, shipping notes and other relevant files.

5) You may set the Expiration Date for the Quote. If the customer does not get back to you by this date, the Quote status is automatically set to Expired. You may edit this date as needed.

6) Optionally add any internal and external notes for the quote. External notes will be included in the Quote sent to your Customer..

7) By clicking on “Add Files” in the Custom Field section, you may add any other necessary files.

8) It is important to set the mode of the Quote. “Due Date” is a mode where the customer requires the parts by a particular date and the pricing is dependent on the turnover date. “Lead time” refers to the (….) (What about the Set-To).

9) When you are satisfied with all the relevant information set for the quote you may “Confirm” to save the quote.

10) Then you may “Print” or “Send Quote”

11) A pre-filled template slides out when you choose to “Send Quote”. You may edit the information as you wish, before you send the quote to the customer. You may edit the pre-filled template or the “Print” settings in the “Business Setup”

12) Lastly, you may simply “Mark as sent”, “Duplicate” or “Export CSV”.

Editing Price Rules

Note: There are a few things to take note of when editing Price Rules. There are two modes of Price Rules, namely the Lead Time and Due Date.

(Input "Editing Price Rules" GIF here)

1) Navigate to the Quoting product module and click on “Create Quote”.

2) Scroll to the “Items in Quote” section. Select the “Mode” from the drop down available. “Lead Time” is set according to Quantity and “Due date” is set according to the date. Please input the relevant information and click on “Apply”.

3) The click on “Add Items”. Click on the Item you want to add and this will redirect you to the item’s page.

4) If you wish to edit the price rules, click on “Edit”.

5) You may set the mode of the Item as “Qty Breaks” or “Lead Time Markup”. You may edit the numbers under the section “Qty Breaks”.

Editing Template Settings

1) In the main menu, You will be able to find “Business Setup”. Click on “Settings” from the dropdown.

2) Click on “Quoting” under General Settings.

3) Click on “Edit Quotes”.

4) You may now edit the “Quotes Prefix”, “Next Quotes Num”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Quote Confirmation Template” and “Quote Decline Template”.

5) When you are done editing, you may click on “Confirm”

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