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Quotes explained
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The Journey of a Quote

Quoting is the first and most integral step in an order. StartProto provides a seamless solution to create a Quote, send it to a Customer and convert it into a Sales Order.

Quote Status

Quotes are categorized by status. You can see the status of all your Quotes on the main Quotes page.

Every Quote starts with Draft status. No one external can see a Draft, and you can change it as much as you like.

When you send a Quote to your Customer, its status becomes Sent. At this point, you are waiting for the Customer to get back to you.

A Quote’s final status depends on what happens next:

  • Close Won: if the Customer wants to go ahead with the work, set the Quote status to Close Won. You can now convert the Quote to a Sales Order.

  • Close Lost: if the Customer does not want to go ahead, set the status to Close Lost. The Quote cannot now become a Sales Order.

  • Expired: if you don’t hear back from your Customer by the Quote’s Expiration Date, its status will automatically be set to Expired

Price Rules

What is the idea behind price rules? How can I set up and edit price rules? Are they individual to each Quote or something applied across Parts?

  • Price Rules, also known as price breaks, define the cost of an item, based upon the quantity being ordered.

  • Think of these Price Rules like bulk discounts. For example, if a customer orders a low quantity of a part, they may pay a higher per-unit price. But as they increase the quantity of their order, they pay a lesser per-unit price. StartProto enables these varying price points based on quantity thresholds to encourage larger orders by offering better value.

  • You manage these Price Rules yourself. You can create, modify or delete these rules through the Quotes part of the app

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